EKS MESH: Hero Defiant

EKS MESH: Hero Defiant 1.13

Sequel to the logic game Mesh: Hero's Hearts
Use quick thinking and complete the levels by collecting all the hearts without trapped or killed by the obstacles on the way. Enjoy the more than 100 new stages and check out the many newly added objects such as Lasers, Lava, Rotators, Gift Boxes, Green Hearts, Potions of Stealth, etc.

MESH:Hero Defiant is a sequel, or companion product, to MESH:Hero's Hearts with many new objects and over 100 all new levels). New objects include Lasers, Mirrors, Lava, Directional Blocks, Pushers, Pullers, Rotators, Potion of Stealth, Gift Boxes, Green Hearts, etc, over 25 new objects.

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